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Vox ac30hw schematic im looking for the schematic of this version on. Vox brian may ac30 2006 conversion procedure to the dave. The 3 band active eq sculpts the tone perfectly, and a gain switch gives you two different styles of distortion. Its got all the versatility that made the original such a hitbut with even greater touch sensitivity, smoother and more ample gain, and a more streamlined package that add up to a significantly improved pedal. Open is extremely open and freeminimal compression with maximum tone. Repair of three vox ac30 combo amplifiers hello all. The guitar the vox ac30 tremolo is more complicated. We have 3 vox ac30cc2x manuals available for free pdf download. Cranked ac vox ac30 vst pedal from brian wampler coded. This is based on the current version which i think was first released in 2011. The vox ac30 has a 4k pp ot, and if you look in the rca receiving tube manual you will see that 8k is recommended for the platetoplate load in class ab at 300v for two tubes, so the optimum class ab loadline would be 4k for four tubes as it is in the ac30.

Brian does a lot more than just pedal mods i dont have any modded pedals of his, but i do have five of his ampinabox pedals, very good builder and. I have seen these go completely open circuit in a vox ac30. A guide to the vox ac30 valve amplifier, originally intended for service engineers but also popuplar with vox enthusiasts, the guide contains a wealth of technical information, schematics,new component layouts, photographs and historical information. Brian wampler wampler pedals used to offer a pedal called a cranked ac. Enjoy this brand new vox inspired ac15 ac30 style pedal. Presumably, the wampler is already voiced to sound and respond like an ac30, so if it was run in front of the real amp, it might allow you to get authentic cranked tones. The serial started with m2000, suggesting the amp was produced in the year 2000. Wampler pedals tumnus legendary overdriveboost effects. Amped the illustrated history of the worlds greatest amplifiers. The owner of serial number 43 here, howevermark watson of amwatts amps in.

Treble version, redrawed schematic and more text to be fallow. Vox ac30hw schematic im looking for the schematic of this version read 2353 times 0 members and 1 guest are viewing this topic. You may also want to check out similar sounding pedals like the bk butler tube driver, boss bd2, ehx crayon and wampler plexi drive. I could be talked out of it if someone twisted my arm. I have one that was made by a local tech using wampler s schematic included in his book of pedals and schematics that he used to sell. So, its not a complex circuit broken down its a buffered silicon fuzz face. Lyle caldwell psionicaudio pisonic psyonic syonic sonic triad 3.

They originate at a service distribution panel, which has one neuter bus bar and 2 hot bus bars. Vox ac30hw schematic im looking for the schematic of. North coast music offers the worlds largest assortment of replacement parts for vox amplifiers and organs. I have measured the voltages to the power tube sockets and im only getting ht around 390vdc, but negative voltage is absent. Wamplers original hot wired pedal was revered by a lot of players, but the newest version is likely to lead to even greater praise. As was common for amplifiers designed in this period, the original vox ac4, ac10, ac15 and ac30 models were equipped with a primitive single co. A stone cold crazy guitar amp attenuator for the vox ac30. The effect emulates the voicing of a cranked vox ac30 tube amp. This is one hell of a plugin, as youd expect from lepou, but it also really shows off the sound of brian wampler s design. The foot switch checked out, so we loaded it up and worked on it at the unbroken string lab.

Shnobel shows the vox ac30 6 tb mullard tubes mercury. Vox ac10 10w 1x10 tube guitar combo amp musicians friend. Also notice how they use that third triode cold biased to get some real preamp clipping going in much the same way as the great marshall jcm800 2204 does. Congratulations on your purchase of an ac30 custom classic. Regiss bohemian rhapsodyne guitar amp attenuator for the vox. Vox ac30hw schematic im looking for the schematic of this. If you get stuck in repairing a defective appliance download this repair information for help. A gorgeous amp, built like a tank, sounds sweet, but no reverb. It has a single channel but that channel has the famous vox top boost circuit.

Tdpri, short for telecaster discussion page reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for telecaster guitars. Vox brian may ac30 2006 conversion procedure to the. I also ran it through an ac30 and fender blues jr with the same results. Depending on the number of electricity a given circuit needs to deliver, it could embed to only two hot bus bars or one hot. Cracked carbon film resistors made an appearance in the late 1950s, first as black and pink coloured types in various physical sizes manufactured by stc painton and towcester, uk. The wampler ace thirty truly is a master class in tone. Named after masons solo album, the hot wired offers separate distortion and overdrive channels that can be used independently or stacked together for enormous sound. Fire up an exemplary 1959 fender bassman, 1965 vox ac30, or 1968 marshall jmp50, plug. A mate recently dropped this off for me to look at. Well, matchless went with dc30 and encountered no issues that im aware of. Vox ac30tb and ac30tbx amplifiers the vox showroom. Free vox diagrams, schematics, service manuals schematics. The voltages in a vox ac30 can kill even after the power has been switched off.

I know there a good amount but i would appreciate opinions from anyone with experience with some. And it looks like this wampler pedal uses a mosfet into jfets, which is a sort of matchless ac30 way to do it, with the mosfet supposedly simulating the ef86 where a jfet doesnt do the same thing. As you would expect from wampler pedals, great care has been taken to ensure authenticity of tone. My vox ac30 cc2 has lost speed control on the tremolo.

As was common for amplifiers designed in this period, the original vox ac4, ac10, ac15 and ac30 models were equipped with a primitive single control tone circuit to roll off treble response. See more ideas about tube, vacuum tube and valve amplifier. The circuit is identical to the one i used in my first diy attenuator, the ampwell house. The result is a faithful reproduction in sound and style of those pioneering vox amps of the early 60s. Common information for vox amplug schematic related with that, the circuits that deliver electricity to the diverse zones are called as subsidiary circuits. Ac30cc2 musical instrument amplifier pdf manual download. Vox ac30cc2x manuals manuals and user guides for vox ac30cc2x. Im slightly overwhelmed in a sense, with the models of the vox ac30. It offers three amp models based on a blackface fender deluxe, a topboost vox ac30, and a marshall plexi. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. The dirty angel is based on the classic rat circuit, with lots of gain, compression and mid range. Vox ac30 cc2 schematics readdownload vox ac30 cc2 one of the best and most beloved guitar amps in the world, vox ac30 cc1, vox.

The eq features a top cut not an inverted treble boost, that reacts and removes the same spectrum of frequencies you would expect from the originals. Jmi era vox ac30 6 normal rev7 jmi era vox ac30 6 bass rev7. Theres an old development thread on fsb for this ac30 emulation circuit. The amplifiers and other equipment pictured on this page represent part of an exceptional collection of vintage vox amplifiers, vox, wem and meazzi echo and reverb units, and other equipment and accessories that is offered for sale.

Vox v1083 6 super berkeley iii amplifier service manual contents. There are number of schematic versions with slight differences, but the basics are the same for all of them. Im a huge fan of radioheads guitar tones, particularly in rainbows in which thom used a 1962 vox fawn ac30 with blues a lot. I sometimes use a wampler tumnus with it and it sounds great. We have taken the best ac30 designs and added a number of useful and interesting features to give you the most tonally flexible ac30 to date.

Wampler pedals hot wired v2, brent mason demo channel 2 and stacked tones. The cranked ac is a great pedal and this is a great emulation of it. Its equal parts boost and buffer, the latter of which is optionally switchable when the pedal is off using the side switch. Custom build ac30 head cabinet boutique tube amplifiers. About four years or so ago as at 2006 i did some recording in a local studio, near to my hometown of nottingham, uk. They are cool tubes, and they have a different personality than the more common 12ax7 preamp stage. Korg vox ac30cc2 ac30cc2x sm service manual download. Psionic audio offering the triad, the new telos, the 3. Vox amp heaven schematics berkley cambridge pacemaker. Vox ac30 amplifier the specifications of the vox ac30 6 tb are the result of painstaking research by our guitarists and engineers, who were not happy until they re created the amp that started it all.

Vox ac30 schematic readdownload there are many normal version schematic and layout available on the net, some with which are the circuit differences between the ac30 6 with separate tb list of circuit diagrams were priceless. Wampler pinnacle many thanks to equinox for supplying his traced pcb layout for us to create the schematic and layout from. Jmi vox ac30 with top boost in panel the vox showroom. If thats the case, consider this useful boost from wampler. Its big, its expensive, and it has certainly earned its place at the table. In addition to the familiar controls, the bad angel feature a boost.

The modification to the original is only the added bright switch that adds some more top end when engaged. The tone control vox introduced their first amplifier lineup in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Hello, im interested in purchasing a pedal that has a good vox ac30 sound. This not only included the required top boost channel with reverb, fx loop, global tremolo and master volume, but a whole host of boutique. This amp is the culmination of over 45 years of manufacturing expertise and high quality, guitar amplifier design. Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks. Psionic audio services amplifier modification services. Vintage vox amplifier collection the vox ac30 guide. Jan 26, 2014 wampler ace thirty ac15 ac30 pedal demo. The wampler take of the classic bb circuit the wampler pantheon overdrive pedal was inspired by the longdiscontinued, longsoughtafter marshall bluesbreaker stompbox. This thread isnt for me to be like, what tones will.

Sweetwater s sales engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Vox in a box thought id post this here too in case someone wants to try it out. I jumped online and tracked down the schematic to work out the value. From a few schematics i found it looks like the pot just connects ground on one end and to another. Conjuring the tones of hallowed marshall heads from the 60s and early 70s, the wampler plexi drive is a solution for anyone trying to get that unmistakable bright, crunchy drive without spending thousands or lugging around a full stack. Service manual vox vt50 schematic heaven, tube books. View online or download vox ac30cc2x owners manual. Marks likenew vox ac30 worked well, except nothing came through the reverb signal path. Vox brian may ac30 2006 conversion procedure to the dave peterson ac30 specification danger this document is for use by qualified and experienced amplifier technicians. Each of these has a tad more mid range and compression compared to the power boost but they can easily be set up for similar tones and may be a better choice for bedroom setups and mids scooped amps.

Vox diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. Notice the similarities between the liverpool and the express same preamp circuit different power amp. Presumably, the wampler is already voiced to sound and respond like an ac30, so if it was run in front of the real amp, it might allow you to get authentic cranked tones at lower volumes. Vox ad50vt schematic maintenance manual voxservice. Brian wampler mary janes last dance by wampler pedals. Also one to watch out for is the bad wire connections you might get some loud cracks coming through the speaker and on really old amps like this. The mildly interesting vox ac30 reverb problem the unbroken. Service manual vox vt50 electronic schematics, amp. Unfortunately ken only managed to produce around 100 or so amplifiers before his health deteriorated to the point where he was unable to build this makes original trainwrecks rarer than hens teeth or in fact rarer than original lovepedal circuit designs. The wampler ecstasy has recently been renamed the euphoria, for what. A resistor has blown up, leaving black residue everywhere, and crumbling apart when touched. If you are looking for a spare part for a vox amplifier or a vox organ, you have come to the right place.

Based on wamplers cranked ac pcb artwork 2015 drdfx. View and download vox ac30cc2 service manual online. Vox ad50vt schematic maintenance manual voxservice manuals. The ac30tb and ac30tbx survived in the vox line for ten years. Gain this knob saturates the circuit with a lovely warm overdrive designed to give you those. The simple tremolo circuit is powered by a hardtond 7c7 tube, which is a sharpcutoff.

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